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The EMERALD COASTKEEPERŪ, INC. has a full-time CoastKeeper who patrols the water-ways each day and maintains an office at 811 W. Garden St., Pensacola, Florida. The CoastKeeper attends the meetings of the county commissioners, the city councils and other governmental bodies when the agenda of these meetings include environmental issues. The CoastKeeper provides literature and research to the Stormwater Task Force in this area as to how best to solve the stormwater pollution problems of Northwest Florida. The CoastKeeper monitors permits submitted by local industry and developers to the Department of Environmental Protection and other governmental areas so as to learn of any potential pollution problems created with the permits. The CoastKeeper signs petitions for Administrative Hearings if the need arises to represent the interest of the CoastKeeper members. The CoastKeeper and other members weekly take water samples to detect water quality in the bays, sounds, rivers, bayous and other water bodies of Northwest Florida. The CoastKeeper and other board member are guest speakers for neighborhood associations, environmental groups and students in the area. The CoastKeeper publishes a newsletter to its members and other interested parties to keep them advised of water pollution problems and events affecting the quality of the water in this area. The CoastKeeper appears live on a local television show to answer environmental questions from the viewing public.

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